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Outlander Fervour and the lesson I learnt


Outlander fans are getting excited

The trailer has been released for Outlander Series 2, to tease fans for what awaits them in 2016. I confess to being one of those fans. So much so, I combined my love for Scotland and Outlander together into a Travel Story – a tourism trend piece on Scotland with Outlander as the hook! That story was recently published via Fairfax New Zealand’s on-line site : Scotland and the Outlander effect gathers momentum

On location - Doune Castle

Scotland revels in Outlander Fever – some of the Outlander cast on location – Doune Castle

I’ve already written a post on my Travel Blog about the story behind the story.  With a few Outlander posts, I may appear a little Outlander obsessed at the moment. Maybe its because I’m still caught up in the excitement of finally seeing my story published. (Written in June, the original story commissioned by an Australian publication was never published – for reasons that shall remain “unspoken!”)  But it’s more than publication joy. I wrote this wee blog post because Diana Gabaldon – the author of the popular Outlander books who also happens to have major responsibility in the series being developed for TV – recently made an announcement on her Facebook page. 

Yes Diana way cool.

Tour Operator Alastair Cunningham with author Diana Gabaldon (Photo courtesy of A Cunningham)

Clans and Castles Tour Operator Alastair Cunningham with author Diana Gabaldon (Photo courtesy of A Cunningham)

  • Outlander: Golden Globe nominee for best television series drama.
  • Caitriona Balfe (best actress in a television series – drama)
  • Tobias Menzies (best supporting actor in a series.)

The Industry is finally recognising what fans already know. The Outlander series of stories has been (and continues to be) adapted brilliantly to the screen, thanks to the care and attention given by a huge number of people under the watchful eye of the talented Ronald D Moore (executive producer) and of course Diana Gabaldon herself.

Ronald-d-moore the executive-producer of-Outlander and Terry Dresbach its costume-designer outside their home in Scotland-(Credit Angela Catlin for the New York Times)

Ronald-d-Moore the executive-producer of Outlander and Terry Dresbach its costume-designer outside their home in Scotland (Credit Angela Catlin for the New York Times)

During my arduous journey in trying to locate an editor interested in publishing my Scotland travel story I received many “no’s.” Including this from an (un-named) editor of an Australian newspaper travel publication: “Generally speaking movie/TV tie-in stories don’t tend to work for our audience. Game of Thrones is something of an exception, but Outlander is not in the same league in terms of size and fervour of the fandom.”  Given my state of Outlander obsession I naturally took exception to his comment!

Google suggests the budget for making Game of Thrones is averaging $6 million per episode


Outlander’s producers sem to be keeping their costs under their kilts as I could na find any google word on their budget per episode. One suggestion was 50 million pounds for the 16 episodes of Series 1. Therefore from a budgetary perspective, Outlander is NOT in the same budget league as GOT.  A quick check on Facebook followers reveals Game of Thrones TV Show Facebook page has 16,355,966 likes and Outlander TV show Facebook page has 954,062 likes (at time of publishing this post).  So I “get” what above Editor was banging on about, maybe in follower numbers Outlander is not in the same league.

BUT I’ll bet a bottle of Glenfarclas 15 year old whisky Outlander fans have greater FERVOUR!

yeah well it's true! Outlander Season 1 Promotional Poster

yeah well it’s true!
(Outlander Season 1 Promotional Poster)

And FYI, I emailed that Editor back, to let him know I thought he was unaware of the depth of the Outlander fandom’s fervour. Possibly a bad move for any future hopes of being published in that newspaper – but I couldn’t stop my inner bolshie Scot from speaking out!

So what’s my frigging point in all of this?

The point of this rambling post is not just the opportunity to share my Travel story, but to impart what I learnt along the way. As long as you believe in yourself, you can follow your dreams.  Dinna fash over the people who say no, or the numbers of your followers because at the end of the day:

It’s the QUALITY of your FERVOUR that counts!


Proof: My wee triumph in getting my Scotland story published after many “no’s!” And Outlander’s major accomplishment with three Golden Globe nominations.

Looking forward to Outlander Series 2

Looking forward to Outlander Series 2

Being a newbie at Travel Writing, I know I still have loads to learn. I keep plugging away because I love travel and writing.  I hope you’re doing the same.

Don’t forget: Chase those dreams and keep up your fervour!!

PS. I’m also a Game of Thrones fan – I just haven’t written a Travel Story based around that show (yet!)

I will miss Jon Snow

and I will miss Jon Snow


Author: Jenn Jay

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5 thoughts on “Outlander Fervour and the lesson I learnt

  1. Dear Jenn,

    Thank you for this article, as a fan of Outlander and GoT both.In my opinion, it’s way much easier to write a travel story around the story of Outlander than to that of GoT – for Outlander you can explore Scotland – for GoT you have to travel around the world.


    • Thanks for replying Ulrike – I have just returned from exploring Scotland and also Iceland, so I’ve seen places where both Outlander and GOT were filmed. But I agree – Outlander has a certain something special and I’m sure I will be writing another story on the topic!


      • Oh I have been so many times to Scotland I cannot count them. So for that reason to see something new I picked Denmark for Scandinavia to have a relaxing time and not to drive so many miles to and back.

    • Hi Ulrike,
      I too am a fan of both series. Outlander Series 2 and 3 have filmed overseas as is Series 4 soon to be released, so they are expanding where fans can go to explore film locations. But GoT – they still take the biscuit when it comes to further afield and diverse locations – I’m thinking of the Wall – where Jon Snow spent much time protecting!


      • Outlander series 4? Really? Then this could mean that it takes a while until we can watch in on Germany TV. But at the moment I am more looking forward to watching Poldark Series 4 on BBC One.


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