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Lean Mumma Launch Evening

Marina Perry-Kuhn

Lean Mumma Launch Evening


On the evening of February 12th, 2013, Lean Mumma was officially launched at a private function held on Brisbane’s south-side at Coorparoo’s Pure Health Club. Host for the evening was Marina Perry-Kuhn, owner of Brisbane’s chain of Boutique Pure Health Clubs and creative force behind the Lean Mumma brand and author of her recently released book “Lean Mumma: the Proven 5 Step System.”

Marina, a pilates master instructor, has been actively involved in the fitness industry for 12 years. As a mother of two, she recognised a niche market with new mothers keen to get their pre-baby shape and health back. She came up with a program offering a structured, five-step system designed for time-poor mums (and mums to be) to follow. Her program is formulated around exercise, nutrition and mind-set guidance and is individually tailored to mothers, allowing them to achieve the best results once their ‘post-baby’ bodies are repaired. The mothers meet in groups to exercise and gain the support of a local instructor to help “build” their ultimate body.

The Coorparoo club’s work-out room, transformed for the night with splashes of pink, was filled with exuberant mums, celebrating with family and friends, the completion of their nine week challenge. These mums were testimony to the effectiveness of the Lean Mumma system as they proudly displayed their body “make-overs.” The not so flattering before, but considerably transformed after shots were shown in a five-minute screen montage, amidst much laughter and resounding “wows” from the group.

But the evening was not just about these ladies and their achievements. Marina, gracing the floor in a stunning white cocktail dress, showing some of the shapeliest legs in the room was on hand to mix, congratulate and self-promote.

Lean Mummas around cake. img

Lean Mumma Franchise owners with Marina Perry-Kuhn

Meeting Marina for the first time, I quickly understood why her dreams and ideas have been such a success. Marina is a positive, effervescent ball of energy and enthusiasm. Insisting I have a copy of her book, (which I am looking forward to reading), she shared with me her motivating principles and passion. “Every mother who is ready to commit, can rebuild their body to their ultimate state,” Marina says. “Just look at the ladies in this room and how they have regained their self-esteem and achieved so much. They all have a special story,” she says.

Lean Mummas in line. img

Marina Perry-Kuhn – launch night accolades

Marina’s Lean Mumma system has spread interstate with franchise groups in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. A number of the franchisee owners and instructors were in attendance and judging by the love and laughter in the room, it was obvious the close bond these ladies have developed with their participants but also the praise for their enthusiastic leader.

Healthy lean mums mean happy energetic mums. Combining a passion to succeed with her winning successful formula documented in her book The Lean Miumma System* Marina is restoring faith and renewed enthusiasm to the tired, busy mums out there (and I am one of them.)

If Marina’s vision is as successful as how she made everyone feel in the room, her Lean Mumma system will be on its way to becoming a global phenomenon.

Lean Mumma Book

*The Lean Miumma System – the book

Take a look at the Lean Mumma website


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