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Personal Comment – Magic Mike the Movie

Magic Mike – the Movie – Social Comment and Review

Is it “socially” acceptable for a child who looked to be a young six years, to be in a cinema where a movie rated MA15+ had screened? (I am not in a position to comment whether she watched the movie or not, as we saw this child appear only as the movie credits came up.)

Maybe my outlook is old fashioned and/or prudish and possibly out of order, but being a mother (and I was with a friend who is not a mum), we were both shocked when as we got up to leave a Saturday afternoon movie session showing “Magic Mike,” we saw a young child bound down the steps to leave at the same time.  Anyone who has viewed Magic Mike, (or in case you haven’t,) the movie shows much of the male anatomical regions, female nudity, strongly suggestive sex scenes, drug references and loads of swearing. In my humble motherly opinion, I did not consider the movie suitable for a 13 year old teenager, let alone someone who looked no older than six.  Continue reading

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Flypaper – DVD

Summarise the plot of a film your saw recently in a way that reveals your overall view of the film.

 Flypaper – 2011 Released on DVD

Directed by Rob Minkoff. Starring Patrick Dempsey, Ashley Judd, Tm Blake Nelson, Jeffrey Tambor, Rob Huebel, and Pruitt Taylor Vince

It was with anticipation, I rented Flypaper on DVD, hoping (somewhat optimistically,) Patrick Dempsey would leave behind his compassionate, predictable, perfectly-coiffured McDreamy role. Within opening minutes, we are introduced to an eclectic group of characters – two crews of robbers – who arrive at a suburban bank about to close down for the week-end. One band of robbers, are highly organized with sophisticated gear and a grand plan to rob the downstairs bank vault. In contrast, the second couple, a pair of hillbilly hicks with a feeble plan to blast the ATM’s with explosives purchased from the internet, (predicting the consequences?) The bank employees, including teller Kaitlin (Ashley Judd) and bank customer Trip (Dempsey) become caught in the middle of the ensuing mayhem.  Continue reading