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Win a trip to Cambodia

Thought the title might interest you – but sorry after that headline grabber – this post is actually about me trying to win a trip to Cambodia (not the other way round!)

I’ve entered a blogging competition with a worthy prize – the only thing I need is your vote – so to help me win a trip to Cambodia please go to my entry Naked Communion – a divine onsen experience and follow the links.

This is my last week of campaigning for votes as the comp closes August 3rd. Hopefully in a few months I’ll be sharing stories about Cambodia!





Outlander Fervour and the lesson I learnt

Outlander fans are getting excited

The trailer has been released for Outlander Series 2, to tease fans for what awaits them in 2016. I confess to being one of those fans. So much so, I combined my love for Scotland and Outlander together into a Travel Story – a tourism trend piece on Scotland with Outlander as the hook! That story was recently published via Fairfax New Zealand’s on-line site : Scotland and the Outlander effect gathers momentum

On location - Doune Castle

Scotland revels in Outlander Fever – some of the Outlander cast on location – Doune Castle

I’ve already written a post on my Travel Blog about the story behind the story.  With a few Outlander posts, I may appear a little Outlander obsessed at the moment. Maybe its because I’m still caught up in the excitement of finally seeing my story published. (Written in June, the original story commissioned by an Australian publication was never published – for reasons that shall remain “unspoken!”)  But it’s more than publication joy. I wrote this wee blog post because Diana Gabaldon – the author of the popular Outlander books who also happens to have major responsibility in the series being developed for TV – recently made an announcement on her Facebook page.  Continue reading

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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Thank-you Sam Walker from Journo and the Joker for nominating me and a few others in the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, to recognise the role we women play in the blogging stratosphere. I’m chuffed just to be mentioned among a group of fabulous writers and bloggers.  My Travel Blog is relatively new and requires more love and attention. But my blogging philosophy is simple: happy to write / happy to share.

This is me sharing from my Travel Blog – never one to back down to a challenge!

Blog Post to respond to my nomination



Hawaii – with three boys (relaxing holiday? not quite)

Hawaii – relax – I wish!


Yesterday was a 9.5 hour flight from Honolulu into Brissy around 4pm – we lost most of our Wednesday night and Thursday (which totally confused the boys) but after a solid night’s sleep I am feeling rested and now enjoying a beautiful Friday – ANZAC day a very special day of rememberance here in Australia.

I survived – 5 days on Maui and 7 on Oahu – and there are stories to come!  I was thinking (optimistically) I would have time to write a few blog posts when over there – but noooooo – too busy checking out the sights and stopping the fights among my delightful three sons!  Oh and slipping in a few quiet moments with the occasional glass of wine and a couple of pages of my book – there was some relaxation.

we love Waikiki jpg img

yes – we all loved Waikiki!

Mahalo Hawaii – thanks for all we enjoyed and wishing there was more time to do what we didn’t get to see!