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Renovation jitters – the next phase

Renovation phase three

You’d have to be living under a rock if you haven’t been exposed to stories about renovations. They’re everywhere. Magazines and blogs share renovation yarns. Reality TV shows like the Block and House Rules allow viewers to gain an insight into the tension a renovation project incurs. As both a reader and a viewer – none of these prepare you for what reno stress actually FEELS like, until you undertake a renovation yourself. Continue reading


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A sprinkling of JOY

Finding your Joy

The month of January has passed and February is clicking along at a rate of knots. Christmas 2015 is a distant memory and with the new year hurrying by this post is one of reflection of what was 2015 (the past) and my goals for 2016 (the future.) I’ve been doing plenty of thinking over Christmas and the New Year, as we tend to do when we welcome in a new year.

As a single mother of three boys (young men now) the school holidays bring a mixture of feelings. Sprinkled with good times, there are also challenges and they’re usually busy. This is the time when any writing ideas or opportunities to write are shelved as I juggle working a few days, with the other chores and being a mum. We’re all familiar with the juggling routine – we do what we can to keep not only ourselves happy but everyone close to us. I threw an extra dimension into my world this last year planning my home renovation. A project that has been 14 months in coming to fruition will finally commence in less than three months.  I’ve written a few blogs about it here and have even been able to write about the process and have a story published in a Queensland Magazine out this month! (My moment to brag.)  Continue reading