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Seen better days

I had visions of 2017 being a year of many things.  Getting around on a pair of crutches with a broken leg was not part of my vision.

It all happened on day five of our Japan holiday. Myself with Mr 18 and Mr 13 were on a two-week vacation in Japan. (My other Mr 13 stayed home with Dad – “I don’t like skiing Mum.”) Like most trips, I’d done a fair amount of prior planning. This was my first visit to Japan and it was timed to co-incide to meet up with friends for a few days in Nozawa Onsen. Always more fun if you can ski with others – not just on the slopes but also the apres ski activities!  If you read my previous blog post on my impending Japan trip you’d know I was super excited to be finally visiting the land of the rising sun. It was going to be a quick overview: Tokyo, Nozawa Onsen and Kyoto were on the list.  As were a bunch of activities, including a sumo tournament, on the last night of the sumo season (had to jump through hoops to organise!)

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Pete Murray Stripped Down at the Hi-Fi Bar

Pete Murray sign

Hi fi sign

Pete Murray and friends played to a packed crowd, at the Hi-Fi in West End, on the eve of Anzac Day.

On his Byron Sessions Tour, Murray deliberately pared it down to the basics. Minus electronic or back-up band, it was his syrupy soulful voice; acoustic guitar; the occasional harmonica and the accompaniment of individually musically talented friends.

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Let You Go, by Pete Murray

Pete Murray Blue Sky BlueReviewed April, 2012.

Let you Go

by Pete Murray

Released: March 2012, Let you Go is the latest single release from Pete’s Blue Sky Blue Album.

Its an eerie, haunting intro, followed closely by his signature acoustic guitar.  Pete’s soulful, smouldering voice floats in reflectively, It’s been four long years gone by now, Can see the shape I’m in, Rest assured I’m on my way, how’d you get me to the place I been.  Continue reading