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A sprinkling of JOY

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Finding your Joy

The month of January has passed and February is clicking along at a rate of knots. Christmas 2015 is a distant memory and with the new year hurrying by this post is one of reflection of what was 2015 (the past) and my goals for 2016 (the future.) I’ve been doing plenty of thinking over Christmas and the New Year, as we tend to do when we welcome in a new year.

As a single mother of three boys (young men now) the school holidays bring a mixture of feelings. Sprinkled with good times, there are also challenges and they’re usually busy. This is the time when any writing ideas or opportunities to write are shelved as I juggle working a few days, with the other chores and being a mum. We’re all familiar with the juggling routine – we do what we can to keep not only ourselves happy but everyone close to us. I threw an extra dimension into my world this last year planning my home renovation. A project that has been 14 months in coming to fruition will finally commence in less than three months.  I’ve written a few blogs about it here and have even been able to write about the process and have a story published in a Queensland Magazine out this month! (My moment to brag.) 

Queensland Homes

Queensland Homes

Qld Homes Article p1 Autum 2016 edition

I’ve earmarked this year as one of change and I’m not only referring to my renovation.

I’ve been dabbling with writing as a hobby for a few years now. Calling myself a Freelancer I’ve shared my intermittent publishing successes on my blog.  However for a few months I feel like I’ve been floating on the periphery of wondering if can make something more from writing? I don’t know the answer to that one – but if I don’t give it a shot “boots and all” as they say – I’ll never know.  So I made the decision to resign from my casual weekly job and throw all my efforts into writing.

Like anything – it all takes time, effort AND a major belief in yourself. Add in a little heartache and a few disappointments along the way, where you have to get up and dust yourself off (grow a little thicker skinned and not take it too personally.) My main motivation/driver is I want to be doing something I feel passionate about.

Marie Kondo – the Japanese de-clutter guru people are talking about, says only keep stuff that gives you “JOY” – I want to DO “stuff” that gives me joy.  So here’s to more JOY in 2016.

 Find your "JOY"

Find your “JOY”

I read a thought provoking comment by author Rebecca Sparrow recently: “Don’t compare your reality to someone else’s highlights reel.

Rebecca Sparrow

Rebecca Sparrow

I’m planning on chasing the life I want and making sure it’s crammed with my own personal highlights. Basically fulfilling that new year’s resolution.

Made any plans for 2016? If so, what are they?


Author: Jenn Jay

JennJayTales was created as a place to share my writing. I share random blogs about activities of interest to me and maybe to you. Writing is a passion and there is nothing I enjoy more than meeting people and capturing their stories through my observations and words. As TRAVEL is a huge passion of mine, I've created a travel blog Please enjoy Jenn Jay Tales and if you consider my writing style as something your magazine, book, blog, on-line publication, website or business may be interested in, please let me know - I'm keen to write for you. Email me at

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