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Farewell Myer Building at Coorparoo

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Farewell Myer Building at Coorparoo – it’s called progress!

Anyone who’s passed through Brisbane’s south side must recall the old Myer building on the corner of Old Cleveland and Cavendish Roads at Coorparoo?

Demolition of the old Myer Building at Coorparoo

Demolition progress (today) of the old Myer Building at Coorparoo

The original Myer Building

The original Myer Building (source:

I know I do and remember shopping there many times a few decades (or so ago.) My mum tells me it was the first indoor shopping centre in Brisbane. Not sure if she is accurate on that bit of information – but its a nice thought.

The building on its 1.2 hectare site has sat vacant and neglected for many years now, attempts to tenant it successfully have failed.  Once Myer left (the building) it became Myer Megamart and then in 2005 retailer Harvey Norman tried to make success of the site. But in 2007 they closed their doors. Over the next couple of years many small retailers made failed attempts at creating renewed interest in the site.  I remember taking my parent’s old record player to a retro/vintage market seller in the old building and being shocked at the demise of the building’s interior. That was my last visit to the doomed site!

The old car park - (source: Peter Wargent's blog)

The old car park – (source: Peter Wargent’s blog)

Now finally its being demolished to make way for a fancy new precinct said by the marketing gurus to “transform the heart of Coorparoo.” With an expected cost of $130 million, the re-development will include residential apartments, shops, cafes and a 10-theatre cinema complex.  Expected completion date is by the end of 2018.

Its called progress and is great for my local neighbourhood.

But whenever I drive past and I observe the slow destruction process take place, I feel a sense of nostalgia and a little sadness.

The slow destruction takes place.

The slow destruction takes place.

If my kids are in the car I comment, “Wow its really going” and I throw them a story about how it was in its day a great place to shop, (they’re a little over my nostalgia now!)  I’m not sure I would feel a sense of loss if the same thing happened to the modern Westfields dotting our suburbs but I do have special recollection of this bricks and mortar place.

Just memories now!


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