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Turning Dreams into Reality

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Making dreams happen in Byron Bay

As human beings we are capable of deep thought and reflection, often making decisions to bring about changes to our lives. We have a tendency to dream about what our life could be like. Factors intervene and our dreams frequently are placed on hold, lying dormant in the recesses of our minds.  Raising a family; making career decisions in our youth; health issues; financial difficulties are just a few of the myriad of factors stalling our dreams.  However, there is often a life experience which triggers those dreams into becoming a possibility. For a determined few, reaching a certain age or a stage in their life creates a determination to follow through on a dream. An individual driven to pursue their passion and turn it into a reality, is an individual  experiencing inspiration. Someone with a belief in themselves.

Kaylene Napaoli at 54 years of age, is one of those individuals motivated to make her dream a reality. Kaylene has established a unique business in Byron Bay, called Getaway Girls. Creating amazing holiday experiences for women (and occasionally men), she offers the ultimate in fitness, fun, friendship and adventure. The goal of a Getaways Girls is for all women who participate on her three or five day “workshops” to leave feeling strong, fit, healthy, recharged and refreshed.

Kaylene Napoli and Will restaurant owner of Italian at the Pacific

Kaylene Napoli and Will restaurant owner of Italian at the Pacific

When at age 49, Kaylene was told by specialists to undertake major surgery to fuse her ankle because she had no remaining cartilage, she was determined to do “anything” to avoid surgery (which also had no guarantees.) To do this she had to get herself as physically fit as possible.  On this fitness journey Kaylene discovered a renewed sense of energy as her heath and well- being improved. Six years on, Kaylene has avoided the need for surgery and recognised her calling. As a fit and active 54 year old, Kaylene’s burning desire is for others to have the opportunity to share her experience.

For years Kaylene dreamt of starting a business based around holistic style holidays in the beautiful area of Byron Bay where she has lived for the last 23 years. “I owned and ran two businesses, one a women’s fashion shop in Lismore and the other a healthy fast food outlet in Byron,” Kaylene says. “This gave me a connection with people and especially those in Byron Bay.  It also gave me the foundation of business skills I needed to set up Getaway Girls.

Byron Bay is the perfect Getaway destination

Byron Bay is the perfect Getaway destination

In April 2014, Kaylene’s desire for other women to inspire each other commenced with her first three day holiday/workshop in the beautiful surrounds of Byron Bay.    “I had an amazing holiday with wonderful girls,” says Gillian, 42 years of her holiday with Getaway Girls. “It was great to combine bursts of exercise and activity with fabulous food and company in one of the world’s most beautiful locations.”  Each group chooses the amount of activity they require – Kaylene tailors the holiday to match the particular group’s desired outcomes.

Personal trainers guide the women through fun physical activities, exercising outdoors in some of the best of Byron Bay’s natural attractions. Learning about healthy eating and the importance of activity, while nurturing the unique bond women have as a collective creates a positive state of well-being.  “I am so pleased I came on this with mum,” say Saan 16, the youngest in our group. “I have learnt so much about healthy eating as well as renewing my interest in exercise. I thought exercising every day would tire me out, but I have exercised here (on Getaway Girls) each day and I have felt great. I know I can keep doing this,” says Saan.

Females as a fraternity are strong and even though we start the holiday as strangers, women’s natural propensity to bond conquers the “not knowing each other” and connections begin. Women’s unique ability to naturally connect and open up to each other is a foundation of each workshop’s success.

Jen (writer) and Louise work out

Jen (writer) and Louise work out

Getaway Girls  Jan( PT) and Saan (particpant)

Getaway Girls Jan( PT) and Saan (particpant)

Kaylene has successfully turned her dream to share her journey with other women into a reality. But to follow your dreams requires hard work and sacrifices. Kaylene continues working her part-time jobs while growing the Getaway Girls‘ business. Her energy, passion and enthusiasm is an inspiration to all of us. As a freelance writer, also following a dream of mine (later in life) to take up writing and share my stories, I am inspired by Kaylene as well as the other women on my Getaway Girls holiday.  I feel my life parallels with Kaylene’s and following my three days in Byron, sense a zest to continue pursuing my dreams, pushing through the times when they seem unattainable.

“This was one of those great experiences where you get away from your day to day head space and freshen everything up with fun, adventure, friendship and laughter,” says Jane 40yrs.

Kaylene’s generous spirit and optimism will ensure she achieves her vision: for Getaway Girls to help you find the best, healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

 Who doesn’t deserve that?

Getaway Girls still smiling after a beach workout

Getaway Girls still smiling after a beach workout

The writer was a guest of Getaway Girls for the three days in Byron Bay, New South Wales

Fact File:

Where to stay: Outrigger Bay – Byron Bay Apartments


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