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ProBlogger 2014 – here I come


ProBlogger Conference 2014 – QT Hotel Gold Coast

I had a dream a few years ago – I wanted a career change, a new start, I wanted to make writing my “new” source of income.  Sound familiar?

Martin Luther King

How was I to start this new journey?

My decision was to return to uni to study a couple of Journalism and creative writing subjects. I also talked to a few people and joined some writing groups. I met people who inspired me to follow this dream of mine – they were in their own unique way following theirs. Then someone suggested I start a Blog. This lead to more research and talking to more people who were “bloggers” – new words and a fascinating world. So I took a leap of faith and started my first blog on WordPress.

My thoughts back then were like this:    If you build it, they will come.

(turn your sound on – love this line)

They being the readers out there in big wide world called the internet.  The audience.

I began looking at other blogs and realised mine could look so much better, creating more conversations, when someone suggested attending the ProBlogger’s conference (2013) on the Gold Coast. But “I think its sold out,” my friend said. Not to be deterred my friend sent me a link to where you could buy tickets, from people who were unable to attend.  Luck prevailed and I am pretty sure I snagged the last ticket of this kind. It was meant to be!

At the ProBlogger 2013 event, I met many bloggers, I heard so much about SEO; Google analytics; thesis; themes what worked for this blogger and what didn’t work.  The seminar rooms were buzzing with energy and positive vibes – there were bloggers whose styles varied but they all had one agenda – how to improve on what they do.  It was refreshing to hear so many suggestions/tips from the blogging levels- the professionals right down to the newbies. There was so much enthusiasm and so many possibilities.  I was in awe. My head spun from information overload.

But as usual, life became busy and I let some blogging ideas of mine slide, until four months into 2014, I decided to bite the bullet and give this blogging goal of mine one more serious “CRACK.”  I created a new niche Blog devoted to Travel.  Impulsive it may have seemed on the surface, but the idea had been boiling for some time.

This presented many issues. I felt like I was walking through a dark tunnel, hoping to reach the light at the other end. It’s a bumpy ride, and I am not near the light end yet, but I am determined to give it everything I have to make it there.

The best part about the learning behind blogging fundamentals, is how much information is freely available – almost too much information.

There are podcasts to listen to; seminars to attend; blog tutorials; social media updates and tips from Google.  There are web support teams to help with the techno side, Facebook groups offering fundamental support to all the weird and wonderful questions we have.

I want to write, I want to use my blog as my advertising platform, my go to place for potential editors to view my writing style.  I want to engage my audience and I want to develop a relationship with my readers.  It would be fantastic to earn some income from all these efforts, so now I need to learn how to monetize my blog.


I feel like a deer in headlights – overwhelmed with it all.

deer in headlights (getty images)

deer in headlights (getty images)

Pro Blogger 2014 is about to start and the schedule is crammed with sessions that will assist my goals. Networking with other bloggers and writers who have expertise at all the varying levels, will help answer my niggling questions and the areas I fail to understand.

 Bring it on #PBEvent 2014! 


An update:

I am writing this to quickly update my post – so this is a post-post event post – what the??? Blame Darren Rowse who is calling for any blog posts after the #pbevent. I have not had the time to write a full one (just yet).  Thanks to Rand Fishkin and his love for google +, I spent way too many hours last night building circles and creating more friends in cyber social-media land.

I have much clarity and am not feeling so much like a deer in headlights re the blogging world and how to build on it. I’m feeling more confident of what I need to do and how I can go about it, thanks to the array of speakers and informative sessions at the ProBlogger conference. Fellow bloggers are a very open and sharing bunch.   There is inspiration and motivation to set some goals – simple ones and in achievable time frames. Take the time to read and understand the support posts written. But most of all – create a network of friends on social media, they are a powerful and motivating force and as I witnessed over the two days of ProBlogger – they are achieving their dreams!

And thanks to all the extra offers, ProBlogger were encouraging us to look into, my new business cards arrived today from  a sign I hope of the many good things to come!

My new Business card from

 The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter

the_light_at_the_end_of_the_tunnel_by_nashoba_hostina-d5fty19 and I know when I reach my goals I am currently setting – there will be a sense of celebration, but hard work to be done first.FireworksSymphonyLAF-puzzle

Thanks ProBlogger, for encouraging the ordinary people to do extraordinary things.  



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JennJayTales was created as a place to share my writing. I share random blogs about activities of interest to me and maybe to you. Writing is a passion and there is nothing I enjoy more than meeting people and capturing their stories through my observations and words. As TRAVEL is a huge passion of mine, I've created a travel blog Please enjoy Jenn Jay Tales and if you consider my writing style as something your magazine, book, blog, on-line publication, website or business may be interested in, please let me know - I'm keen to write for you. Email me at

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  1. Loving your blog Jenn … I think we need to talk. I’ll post you a FB message with my ideas 🙂 Talk soon, Caroline

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