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Tertiary Study – is it worth the investment?


Extra Study – are there benefits?

Thanks QUT – I am now the official holder of a Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing (Interdisciplinary). So strange to receive the official piece of paper in the post – I declined the graduation ceremony – two years after I completed my studies.  Maybe my details were somehow lost in the paper trail that must be enormous in Universities today.

Does the “Interdisciplinary” sound confusing?  It is. I started studying a certificate in Journalism and switched half way through, as creative writing subjects appealed more than the hard-hitting Journalism.

If only I can find the time to go over those course notes – there were some great learnings in the subjects I studied.

Not everyone needs a piece of paper to prove their worth, but with my later in life moment and change in my career path, I made a personal decision to obtain some practical back-up to help me believe I could do this.  The contact with other students in tutorials and time spent chatting with Lecturers was certainly interesting and enlightening. But it’s a juggle – around what you do to pay the bills and what you hope to do with your further studies (an investment in both time and money.)

After finishing Uni, I also studied a Travel Writing Course (on-line) offered by the Australian Writer’s Centre. This course was practical and relevant in the genre I hope to find more work in (travel writing.)

Any prospective editors who question if I have the “official” credentials to back up my writing – here is the proof – formally!  Will that help me in finding work in my new career? I hope so, but as anyone knows starting in this competitive industry – especially with the proliferation of writers via the internet (blogs and websites), it is never an easy path and doors do not automatically open.

Optimism and hard work – these are my new drivers.

My Graduation Certificate

My Graduation Certificate

Have you taken on any new courses or classes to help expand your knowledge base?

Is University a good place to learn or is experience in the real world more relevant and beneficial?

Where is a good place to re-educate yourself?


Author: Jenn Jay

JennJayTales was created as a place to share my writing. I share random blogs about activities of interest to me and maybe to you. Writing is a passion and there is nothing I enjoy more than meeting people and capturing their stories through my observations and words. As TRAVEL is a huge passion of mine, I've created a travel blog Please enjoy Jenn Jay Tales and if you consider my writing style as something your magazine, book, blog, on-line publication, website or business may be interested in, please let me know - I'm keen to write for you. Email me at

2 thoughts on “Tertiary Study – is it worth the investment?

  1. Onya Jen … that’s a great achievement 🙂 Well done you. Once we get our new blog up and running I’ll know where to come a-knocking! I love your work xoxo

  2. Thanks so much Caroline – happy to be a certificate holder and love any writing opportunities! xo

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