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Procrastination is a curse

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Merry, Merry and Festive Cheer ……….. hang on, its 2014 already!

I am writing this quick post almost as an apology to myself and to the readers out there who may check in on me occasionally. I admit to being very remiss (slack) in the blogging world and not posting anything at all on Jenn Jay Tales for a few months.

I have kept up my reading though and too many other blog sites have reminders indicating a good writing (routine) is to post at least once a week. WELL can someone please explain that to:

  • My three boys who have taken up a little of my time over our summer school holidays which for High school kids commences stretches from the end of November right through to the day after Australia Day;
  • The household chores that never seem to disappear;
  • The Christmas shopping that was squeezed in when the kids were at school – hold on, that was December and now it is three quarters into January, I do not have Christmas and its associated time consuming activities as an excuse.
Jenn and Christmas tree jpg

Jenn takes time out to “celebrate” Christmas

 There is also a new consumer of my time. A few months ago, I re-entered the work-force (to a part-time office role.) This has been a new juggle struggle for me, fronting up to an office at 8.30am and lasting (as in making it) through to 5pm. The last couple of years,  I was working entirely from home and my week’s schedule had been fairly free and flexible. The challenge of working from a home office locale is actually making yourself accountable and sticking to a routine. Distractions are a frequent up-setter of routines if you are not disciplined.

The hours set down for my “writing” were allocated, after gym time which became a regular morning habit after school drop off. Often the chores around the house intervened and I found myself distracted on a regular basis.

My goal is to earn money from writing and I was successfully sabotaging any chance of that happening.  I don’t know about other writers out there in the literary world, but I seem to take an hour or two to kick into writing mode and snatched moments sadly do not allow my creative thoughts to flow.

To overcome this and until creative writing starts earning me a comfortable income, my working part-time assists with the bills, keeps me in touch with “real” people and the world beyond my home office walls.

I admit this dwindles my spare time (called my writing time) down to minuscule moments, but……….. wait a moment, just listen to me, I am heading there yet again: PROCRASTINATING AND MAKING EXCUSES.

No more! 2014 is my year of change.

January is a good time to start (even though it is now past mid-January). As a writer who has taken a leave of absence, I am raring to go with a few story ideas and thoughts to share.

No more excuses – if nothing else going back to an office role has spurred me into motivation to make it happen.  More blog posts; more creative writing and more pitching to ensure Jenn Jay is published.

Jenn and her boys 2 jpg

Jenn and time consumer No. 2 & 3

Happy New Year to you all and not that I am counting down, but it is six days until the new school year commences ………………

Jenn and James jpg

Jenn and time consumer No. 1


Author: Jenn Jay

JennJayTales was created as a place to share my writing. I share random blogs about activities of interest to me and maybe to you. Writing is a passion and there is nothing I enjoy more than meeting people and capturing their stories through my observations and words. As TRAVEL is a huge passion of mine, I've created a travel blog Please enjoy Jenn Jay Tales and if you consider my writing style as something your magazine, book, blog, on-line publication, website or business may be interested in, please let me know - I'm keen to write for you. Email me at

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