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Fashion from the past – is not for everyone


Fur C 1

1950’s Fox fur wrap

These photos show a couple of “furs” – considered “fashionable” from an era far removed from my own.  Out of the deep, dark recesses of her storage cupboards my mother dragged these once fashionable items, to show us something different. I have no idea why she has been hanging onto her mother’s furs for so long – certainly never to wear them herself.  I am guessing my mother (a self-confessed hoarder,) is at the stage of her life where she wants to de-clutter a little – or get some mild entertainment from shocking the kids!

I am actually a lover of animals in their alive state. So what was my reaction at seeing a couple of dead animals, meant to be draped around your shoulders for warmth and as an example of the height of fashion?  I looked at these two preserved creatures with a mixture of hideous distaste as well as incredulity.

As an advocate of anti-animal cruelty, my reasons for posting these photos on my site, is not to glorify what many consider cruel, but to allow a peek at fashion from just over a half a century ago. A fashion, once considered “glamorous” and “desirable”.

My grandmother wore her fox wrap in Brisbane in the 1950’s. It was purchased on a trip travelling through England.   My mother recalls as a child, attending ballet and theatre with my grandmother. “All the ladies would wear their furs and I clearly remember the smell of napthalene flakes in the air,” my mother said, “To preserve the furs.”   Hmmmmm, now that is an interesting childhood memory.

Looking at these poor critters, joined at the nose – roused revulsion in me.  It was a challenge to even pick them up, to touch them.  Let alone imagining wearing them.

Fur A 1

Another of Grandmother’s fur wraps


preferring my synthetic warmth

What a difference a few generations, society and fashion cycles makes.  Give me my polar fleece and synthetic woolly scarf any day!

Fur C 3

Hmmmm – these draped around your neck for warmth?


Author: Jenn Jay

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4 thoughts on “Fashion from the past – is not for everyone

  1. I find it very interesting how fashion changes over time. Nice post.

    • Thanks Annie – was a little “quirky” that post – but the sense of “what the” when my mother showed me these “items” meant i couldn’t resist posting something. Glad you liked it.

  2. Interesting how this fur looks barbaric yet we are so far removed from the animal that provides our leather shoes, handbags and winter jackets – we bearly give it thought! I struggled recently with a fur purchase but learned it came from a shaved animal (much like wool from a sheep) and was woven into fabric… still a little unnerving given the current view on wearing fur.

    • The practicalities of fur is that its ridiculously warm – but Brisbane is far from ridiculously cold! yes i doubt much thought goes into leather purchases – for the beast that it once came from.

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