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Fiji’s little Circle of Paradise


Navini Island

To share or not to share, that is the question.

There is a tiny jewel in the Mamanuca group of Islands in Fiji. It is not in the glossy tourist brochures. An internet search reveals its location and guest comments speak favourably – always a good sign.  So that was how I discovered this wonderful holiday destination. BUT – following my third visit to this idyllic Fijian tropical isle, I considered NOT writing about my experience. By keeping my silence, I thought booking numbers would stay low, allowing me to re-visit whenever I wished.  But as a lover of travel and unique places, my conscience got the better of me. To not allow others to share in this special place would be selfish. Besides, repeat visitors and word of mouth consistently fill their Bures anywyay.

The Island responsible for luring me back for two further holidays, is Navini Island, one of the smallest island resorts on the Nadi side of Vitu Levu.  Although diminutive in size – a stroll around the entire island takes 15 minutes – Navini has much to offer.  In May 2011 and again in July 2012, Trip Advisor awarded a Certificate of Excellence to Navini Island Resort, for consistently high standard of reports received by Trip Advisor guests.

If you would like to read more about the wonderful Navini Island – please go to my travel blog: travelbugwithin 

Without TV or internet access, by the second night the stresses of the Western World seem miles away. You will succumb to Navini’s gentle routine, leaving you with no other choice but to relax. Your only wish will be for your leaving date to be further and further away.


Visit a neighbouring island, as one of the many activities


Navini Island, Fiji Sunset

sunset Navini style


Author: Jenn Jay

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5 thoughts on “Fiji’s little Circle of Paradise

  1. aarrgghhh…… could handle a bit of this right now! Very evocative – I like it!

  2. Thanks for writing – if possible I am even more excited about my upcoming trip. I am traveling from the US with a 3 and 6 year old. I don’t believe my children will get bored with swimming and playing on the island but figured I should check with someone who was there with small kids. Was there enough to keep the children entertained? Thank you.

    • So good to hear you are looking forward to travelling there! My youngest kids were 8 when we last stayed and loved it – a few years earlier when they were not so confident in swimming we took along blow up rafts so they could float on these and see the coral down below. The Navini staff are so friendly they will look after and look out for your kids. As long as the kids don’t require electronic entertainment they will be fine ! The reef trips and activities will keep them happy. I know you won’t regret it. You will get the chance to relax as well – always a good holiday!!

  3. Love Fiji! Will have to check this place out 🙂

    • it is a very special place – I would love to go back one day too – even though there are so many other islands to entice, Navini will always be a stop in.

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