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Bali – what is the draw card?

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Bali, what lures people back?

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Casually mention to friends, who have already been to Bali, you are considering a (first time) visit, the unanimous response is “oh, you will love it,” closely followed by, “once you have been, you will want to go back.”

Whether it is for the reputed world class surf at breaks like Ulu Watu; the diving or snorkelling in the pristine waters of West Bali; the cheap accommodation, alcohol and party atmosphere in Kuta; the up-market beach resort experience in Seminyak or Legian; or the spiritual journey in the artist’s town of Ubud, Bali has plenty to offer most travellers.  With time and not necessarily an endless stash of money, tourists can immerse themselves in the full Balinese island experience – should they choose.  And it seems Australians continue to flock there.  So what is the allure?

With my first visit to Bali, I wanted to discover for myself what it is about Bali that lures people back year after year.  “Foreigners have discovered the magic of Bali,” said Tracy Dobbin, Salon Director of Coorparoo’s aesthetica. Tracy makes an annual pilgrimage to Bali and watching her face light up as she discussed her upcoming trip, I realised Bali hooks people in.  “Bali, is about a thousand simple experiences and endless natural beauty,” she said.

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Sharing Bali – serene beauty



eager to learn


Ayung Sari Indah, Singaparang Village

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Karen and Mr Cantik



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One thought on “Bali – what is the draw card?

  1. you certainly have a “gift” in your writing … it was a pleasure to read all your stories and to hear your wonderful tales and how you too clearly “live in the moment” , I look forward to reading a lot more of your work .. bring it on !

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