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Personal Comment – Magic Mike the Movie

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Magic Mike – the Movie – Social Comment and Review

Is it “socially” acceptable for a child who looked to be a young six years, to be in a cinema where a movie rated MA15+ had screened? (I am not in a position to comment whether she watched the movie or not, as we saw this child appear only as the movie credits came up.)

Maybe my outlook is old fashioned and/or prudish and possibly out of order, but being a mother (and I was with a friend who is not a mum), we were both shocked when as we got up to leave a Saturday afternoon movie session showing “Magic Mike,” we saw a young child bound down the steps to leave at the same time.  Anyone who has viewed Magic Mike, (or in case you haven’t,) the movie shows much of the male anatomical regions, female nudity, strongly suggestive sex scenes, drug references and loads of swearing. In my humble motherly opinion, I did not consider the movie suitable for a 13 year old teenager, let alone someone who looked no older than six. 

Anyway, stepping off my socially immoral soap-box, time to review the movie and move from my ignorant (possibly?) social opinion.

Magic Mike is a chick flick in all its glorious gyrating form, portraying male strippers and their  associated lifestyle (writer, Reid Carolin’s version). As the more experienced male stripper, (Channing Tatum) attempts to show a rookie (Alex Pettyfer) the stripping ropes, we are given a raw exposition of the not necessarily glamorous life of a male stripper. In a post-movie interview Director Steve Soderbergh, suggests with this film he attempts to provide a “deep” portrayal of issues all men confront about what they want. “Men tend to define themselves by what they do, and so if you’re dealing with a character who’s trying to figure that out, or multiple characters, then there’s something there for guys to relate to.”  Steve, I’m sorry, no matter how you perceive the film’s direction and underlying story-line, this movie, (dripping with sexist overtures) is 99% targeted to females who, want to grab a peek at some hot male bods.

This afternoon’s movie session audience were predominantly female, ready to swoon, admire, shriek and fantasize over as the collection of super fit male bodies strutted their shapely, buffed, waxed and self tanned bodies on the big screen. The handful of males in the audience, (I counted four in a cinema of about 70 patrons) were there (possibly) to prove to their girlfriends their intestinal fortitude to sit through a 90 minute male stripper chick flick. Did these blokes leave the cinema feeling somewhat intimidated by the over abundance of ab-flexing? Or maybe they observed a few moves, to apply later?  Or, depending on their persuasion, they left the cinema as entertained as the female audience?

Matthew McConaughey played a character called Dallas, the owner of the dance club who strutted, gyrated and flirted outrageously with the camera, showing numerous dance moves to get the strictly female audience excited.  As part of the movie audience, I felt I was actually in the strip club, with cat calls coming from the movie goers, shrieking excitedly as clothes were torn off and G strings, (thanks to some particularly zealous focus pullers) were showcased in varying angles. The obscenely tight gluteus maximus muscles wiggled in marvelous synchronicity.

What Matthew McConaughey does to to maintain that six pack, I have no idea, but we were treated to a gorgeous dose of his long, lean Texan body, clad in body hugging, tight leather pants slung (dangerously) low on those sculpted hip bones. What kept those leather pants on? Not much, it was revealed.

Following a scene where his character removed most of his gear, I understood why his girlfriend, Camila Alves (now his wife) are expecting their third child.  Bedroom shenanigans must be a hoot in their house! I digress and let me guess, if you are a full-blooded female, who has seen the movie, you will understand my digression.

Back to my opening discussion question, who takes such a young child to this “type” of movie? Unless this child had a set of headphones and never looked up from their electronic entertainment for the entire movie, I would be concerned about what she saw and the impression it made on her.

Is it good to expose a child early on in life, to how a select section of the population may live their lives? Maybe with the exposure, a child will choose to never fall into that world or become seduced by the lure of sex, drugs and a fast life?

Channing Tatum, said he drew on his real-life experiences, as an 18 year old dancer/stripper, before he became an established name in the acting world.  “I really like to dance, (obviously), but then I didn’t really love taking the clothes off at the end. The world in itself was just a very dark world. I don’t think we even scratch the surface of really how dark that place can get and how slippery of a slope it can actually be. This was probably the most palatable version of this movie. Otherwise, you wouldn’t want to see it twice. You’d just be like, Okay, I feel dirty now.”1.

Palatable to many maybe, but to a young child? I am hoping she hasn’t seen it twice.

Quote source:  1. Rebecca Murray, Behind the Scenes of ‘Magic Mike’ with Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey, Guide


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