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Flypaper – DVD

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Summarise the plot of a film your saw recently in a way that reveals your overall view of the film.

 Flypaper – 2011 Released on DVD

Directed by Rob Minkoff. Starring Patrick Dempsey, Ashley Judd, Tm Blake Nelson, Jeffrey Tambor, Rob Huebel, and Pruitt Taylor Vince

It was with anticipation, I rented Flypaper on DVD, hoping (somewhat optimistically,) Patrick Dempsey would leave behind his compassionate, predictable, perfectly-coiffured McDreamy role. Within opening minutes, we are introduced to an eclectic group of characters – two crews of robbers – who arrive at a suburban bank about to close down for the week-end. One band of robbers, are highly organized with sophisticated gear and a grand plan to rob the downstairs bank vault. In contrast, the second couple, a pair of hillbilly hicks with a feeble plan to blast the ATM’s with explosives purchased from the internet, (predicting the consequences?) The bank employees, including teller Kaitlin (Ashley Judd) and bank customer Trip (Dempsey) become caught in the middle of the ensuing mayhem. Dempsey plays a neurotic, OCD detective who we are led to believe unwittingly, (and we never get the answer to this) becomes involved in the bank robbery as he flirts with the teller, Kaitlin. Trip is convinced there is more to the co-incidence of two sets of robbers arriving at one bank at the same time. The story then revolves around his attempts to solve his conspiracy theory.

The entire movie is cleverly filmed entirely within the bank’s interior. Scenes jump from room to room and downstairs to the bank’s vault, as the two set of robber’s plans go ridiculously (and often predictably) awry. The many attempts at black humour, appear dis-jointed and fail all too often, coming off more as goofy attempts at slap-stick. Director Rob Minkoff attempts’ to make the handsome Dempsey successful at wacky comedy rarely succeed. Possibly Dempsey’s influence as co-producer left Minkoff with little directorial say. I wouldn’t rush out to view this one.



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